Perfect Your Banana Bread Recipe By Using These Bountiful Tips

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There's no doubt that your mother's recipe for banana bread is far superior than the store-bought variety. After all, it's been a hit at every potluck, birthday, church function, and bake sale.

Maybe, though, there's one element you'd like to get just right, or even if only to mix things up a little.

Here are some quick and easy tips for perfecting this a-peel-ing bakery item that every kitchen needs!

Step 1: Let’s Do This Ripe

Okay! For the first step in making the perfect banana bread, you will have to choose the ripest and darkest bananas you can. Ideally, they will have no green what-so-ever and already have a wide spread of freckles appearing over the yellow skin.

Take these, and slip them right into the freezer. This way, they ripen faster, last longer, and when you remove them and let them thaw, they will already be in a mushy consistency.

Step 2: You 'Butter' Grease A Few Palms

You may have spent your whole life using real butter when baking banana bread, and I'm here to tell you that this needs to change. It sounds like a strange substitution, but in actuality, most recipes call for an oil because of the high fat content, which is what makes the bread rich and moist!

However, many liquid oils add too much heaviness to the final loaf, so try using coconut oil! It adds the moistness of oil while tasting closer to butter. A win-win!

But what about the toppings?

Step 3: You Walnut Believe This Next One...

Walnuts are a staple on any great batch of banana bread because of their slightly bitter flavor to match the sweetness of the bananas.

Instead of mixing them into the batter, however, try adding them on top of the rising loaf, making a delicious and crunchy crust!

Step 4: But I'm Fancy?

Give this recipe a try when you feel ready!