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Mom Has The Perfect Response After Being Shamed For Breastfeeding in Victoria's Secret

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With breastfeeding constantly in the media, and more mothers choosing to feed their babies in public, you would think instances of breastfeeding shaming would have gone down. Sadly, we aren't there yet.

From family friends making a point of it at their wedding, to being shamed at church, women are still continuing to be shamed for how they choose to feed their children.

A mother of three, and a breastfeeding mom to a 4-month-old is speaking out after being allegedly teased and mocked for breastfeeding while shopping at Victoria's Secret.

According to Celina Barbour, she was given dirty looks and even had some snide comments said about her breastfeeding her baby in the open.

“I was literally in shock,” she says. “And I think because of the irony of it (being in Victoria Secret) I just thought it was funny that in all places it happened there.”

Outraged, she and her husband left the store and went over to Target, where they made a passionate Facebook Live post about the incident, calling out critics and stating the irony of what had just happened.

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