11 Undeniable Perks Of Being The Youngest Sibling

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If you grew up being called the "baby" of your family, then you know there's something that sets you apart from your other siblings.

It's not just your age. Youngest siblings have a habit of breaking the mold, and it turns out science can explain why.

1. We get away with everything

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There's no deeper meaning behind this one. Of course, we're just the youngest and cutest person in the house, so it's impossible for anyone to stay mad at us. Besides, if we annoy one parent or older sibling, we can always get another on our side. Genius.

2. We're more creative

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While older siblings get higher average results on IQ tests (I know, I can't believe it either), younger siblings are usually more creative. Researchers guess that we develop more "diverse interests" because the pressure to succeed from our parents isn't so strong.

A survey by the website CareerBuilder found that youngest siblings are drawn to creative jobs (art, design, writing, etc).

3. Your parents have given up before you were born


Curfew? Being grounded? An allowance? Those sound like the kind of things older kids had to deal with. Luckily for us, by the time we were born our parents had lowered their expectations. That makes them a lot more relaxed, and easy to get along with.

4. We're just as easygoing as our parents


It seems like being spoiled and waited on by everyone in our family has a positive effect on us. A survey by YouGov found younger siblings were more likely to describe themselves as "relaxed," while oldest siblings see themselves as "serious."

5. You always have someone to help you out


Need a ride somewhere? Just call your chauffeur - I mean, your sibling. Have a big science project due next week? Luckily your older brother did the same one last year, and you can borrow his notes. Having older siblings gives you a big boost that they missed out on at your age.

6. We're born funny


What do Eddie Murphy, Stephen Colbert and Tina Fey have in common? They were all the youngest siblings in their family. Researchers say that, as the youngest person in the home, we're forced to "compete" for our parents's attention, which sharpens our funny bones.

7. We never have to share

They're called "hand-me-downs" for a reason. You get to snatch up your older siblings clothes, toys, and anything else they outgrow. Meanwhile, if someone tries to kick you off the family computer before your time is up, you can bet your parents will tell them off.

8. We're more adventurous


A researcher named Frank Sulloway says being born last is a recipe for growing up to be a free spirit. As kids, we search for an "unnocupied family niche," which makes us open to exploring and trying new things as adults.

9. You learn to avoid the mistakes your older siblings make


Being the youngest sibling is like having someone "scouting out" adolescence and adulthood for you. Sure, it's annoying when your siblings decide they're too "grown up" to hang out with you, but you can learn a lot from their experiences.

10. We're more friendly

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Just like competing for attention makes us funnier, Sulloway says that growing up with older siblings and parents makes you more social. He says that the social skills you develop as a child make you easy to get along with, but also a master manipulator. Who, me?

11. We're the favorite

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Don't blame us, it's science. A study by Brigham Young University found that last-born kids were more likely to be their parents's favorite. Ok, so we're also kind of needy, and we actually need the validation of being the favorite, but honestly who can blame us?

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