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The First Thing You See Reveals The Truth About Your Personality

Images with a lot of things going on can be hard to take in all at once. There's a lot to consider, and sometimes it just doesn't make sense. When it is a particularly busy image you need to try to absorb it all by separating it into different chunks, and the way you do it can reveal a lot about your personality. The way your brain interprets an image can reveal a lot about who you really are as a person.

Take a look at this image below and pay attention to the first thing you see. It's absolutely a strange image, but take a good look and try to remember what you notice first.

Remember what you saw first? Scroll down to see what it says about you!

1. The woman scrubbing the floor

You are a problem solver and people always turn to you for advice. You manage to sort things out for other people effectively without much issue. You tend to get a little focused on other people's problems and don't take care of your own, but it's only because you want to give other people all the attention you can.

2. The man with the ruffled collar

If you first noticed the man at the top center with the fancy ruffle around his neck, that means that you are truly one of a kind. You always go out of your way to try and do things that no one else is doing and your excitement for new experiences makes other people enthusiastic to spend time with you.

3. The skulls in the drapes

The subtle skulls don't mean that you are doomed to an early death, instead it means that you are braver than anyone else. You aren't afraid of a challenge and will always take chances. You will always look for opportunities to restart things, even when they don't need to be changed.

4. The man in the bed

You are the type of person who tends to worry about everything. You have a lot of anxiety about the way you are going through life and spend more than your fair share of time stressing about it.

Those aren't the only people hiding in the image...

5. The two knights

If the two knights that are standing just off center caught your eye then you are someone who relies heavily on their friends. You are looking for that stable presence in your life, and having a strong support system is priority number one.

6. The dancers

The ballerina and her partner represent your romantic attitude about the world, however it's one that you try to conceal. You may not want to express just how much you value a relationship, but having that special someone is incredibly important.

7. The mustachioed man in the middle

Once you dissect it all, you can see that it's actually made up of many small parts, but if you saw a man with a mustache in the center of the image then you are the type of person that can see the bigger picture. You are extremely creative but sometimes can get lost when looking for the small details.

What did you see first in the image?