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Peter Wang, a 15 Year-Old Hero, Died Making Sure His Friends Were Safe

Instead of celebrating the Chinese New Year this week, the Wang Household is mourning. Their son, 15 year-old Peter Wang, was one of the 17 victims of Florida's High School massacre, another senseless American tragedy.

But in the midst of their pain, a heartwarming story about their son's heroic last act is emerging. Peter Wang was shot dead by gunman, Nikolas Cruz, as he held the door open for his friends to escape. His classmates spoke about how they last saw him standing back to make sure they were all safe before, perhaps, finally attempting to save himself.

Fittingly, he was wearing his ROTC uniform on his final day, a sign that Peter's selfless attitude was no new development.

Peter's parents moved to the United States from China years ago for a better life and opened a Chinese restaurant in the neighbourhood.

After news of the shooting spread, relatives searched for Peter in local hospitals while they waited at the local Marriott hotel with other worried parents for hours, as updates on casualties and fatalities slowly filtered in.

Due to their limited English proficiency, the exhausted parents only heard about their son's passing through the translations of their neighbors and friends.

Gabriel, Peter's best friend since the third grade, described him as a "funny, nice and great friend". He had planned to celebrate the Chinese New Year with the Wang's at their West Palm Beach Restaurant only a day after their son was killed.

His heartbroken cousin, Aaron Chen, asked people to share his story, saying, "He wasn't supposed to die. He was supposed to grow old with me."

Online, Peter's classmate paid tribute to him, calling him a hero. Others compared him to Hodor, the fictional character in Game of Thrones who dies holding a door closed so others can survive an evil attack.

The only difference is that this evil was very real, as was Peter Wang, and his incredible bravery.

Peter leaves behind his parents, two younger siblings and a grateful, yet saddened, community.

We will never forget this hero.