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Mom's Snap Of Her Son With A Phone At The Dinner Table Kicked Off A Big Debate

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Parenting blogger Kristina Kuzmic is known for informing and sometimes upsetting other parents with her no-nonsense views about raising kids in a modern age.

She's the type of honest and straightforward writer that you either totally agree with or just can't see eye-to-eye with.

And her latest post, about dinner table etiquette and the thorny dos and dont's of eating out with kids, is just as controversial as you would expect.

Kids smartphones
When and where kids should use smartphones is a hot topic among parents.3dman_eu - Pixabay

Kuzmic shared a photo of her young son dining out with her, showing the boy staring down at his phone while a mini pizza next to him sat uneaten.

As the blogger put it, "I'm 100% sure there are people who judge this behavior. I'm also 100% sure this behavior won't turn my kid into a monster or a failure or a convicted criminal."

While Kuzmic said her older children never swiped through dinner while staring at a screen, she says they're not "superior" to their little brother because of that.

As the mom-of-three admits, she once swore she would "never allow my kids to stare at a screen at restaurants."

That's my kid, staring at a screen during our dinner out with my mother-in-law last night. I'm 100% sure there are...

Posted by Kristina Kuzmic on Saturday, January 5, 2019

But Kuzmic wrote that her little one was able to "interact with the restaurant staff, order his own meal, and make eye contact while speaking with our lovely waitress," while Kuzmic enjoyed dinner with her mother-in-law.

The blogger says the experience is a good lesson for other parents who never learned that all-important maxim: judge not lest ye be judged.

As Kuzmic tells them, "your sanity is more valuable than other people's opinions."

"And for those who are choosing to waste their life judging others: mind your own motherhood!"

Smartphones children
Smartphones and tablets are still a tricky subject for many parents.PXhere

In the comments section of her post, Kuzmic's 2 million fans were pretty evenly divided between agreeing and disagreeing with her.

"We do this," one fan wrote. "Three-years-olds do not sit still at restaurants."

"Sorry," someone else wrote. "But kids are being damaged by things like this."

"If we go out to dinner [it's] family time. Period," another wrote.

One parent put it best with a honest (but depressing) message about the unwinnable battle of raising a child in 2019.

"You'll get shamed if your kids are yelling/whining/running around, and you'll get shamed if you give them something to entertain them. It's impossible to win as a parent these days. Mind your own motherhood is spot on!"

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What do you think of Kuzmic's message to parents?

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