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Photo Of Teen Who Took Her 3-Year-Old Brother To Class Makes Mom's Heart 'Explode'

Candice Curry

the There are times in our lives when we as parents worry that we're missing the mark or totally screwing up our kids with the decisions we make.

We look at them and wonder how could they possibly be so amazing, especially after all the 'mistakes' we are sure that we've made.

The problem is that we tend to only see the ways in which we've 'screwed up' without truly realizing all the ways in which we're getting it right as parents.

When author and mother, Candice Curry, saw a snapchat of her oldest daughter and her three-year-old son, her heart skipped a beat.

Her 17-year-old daughter, Stiles Parish, is much-older than 3-year-old James.

As a mother, Curry worried that the age difference would make it difficult for her children to relate to one another, but after seeing a recent Instagram picture of the two together, she's more confident than ever.

"When I saw the Instagram post it made my heart want to explode. The tenderness in it is just the sweetest," she said.

A classmate captured the tender moment between little brother and big sister as the two snuggled during class at her high school.

A family emergency required Stiles to step in and help out her parents with little James. She agreed to pick him up from school while her parents took care of business elsewhere.

But instead of taking the tyke home, Stiles brought her little brother back to school with her.

"I figured she had gone to get him and taken him home. Later that day I saw the picture on her Instagram and realized that she had taken him back to school," Curry told ABC News.

Stiles is studying to be a nurse. She later explained to her mother that she didn't want to be counted as absent, or to miss any work.

"She was in her clinical-rotations class, and the teacher gladly welcomed her little brother in," said Curry. "He was so tired from [his] school that he passed out on her and slept most of the class. She not only helped our family out but returned to her responsibility at school."

Although there is a 14-year age gap between Stiles and James, it's clear that it hasn't had an impact on their love for one another.

"The fact that he is sleeping so comfortably on her in the middle of a class full of teenagers tells me how much he trusts her. As a mom, it makes me so thankful that they have this kind of relationship, and I pray it will always stay this way."

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