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Photographer Captures An Animal Friendship No One Has Seen Before

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Mother Nature has a way of continually surprising researchers and wildlife experts who think they've seen it all.

There's no shortage of unusual animal friendships that have been documented in the wild, but Finnish photographer Lassi Rautiainen has managed to capture a special relationship that very few people have ever seen.

Rautiainen had read there were very few recorded examples of wolves and bears interacting with each other, so he went looking for photos in regions where both these animals can be found. What he stumbled onto was as rare as it is beautiful.

A young female grey wolf and a male brown bear could be seen traveling together and sharing meals every night. Rautiainen returned for 10 days straight, and always spotted the same pair sharing each other's company.

So if cases like this are so rare, what does Rautiainen think brought them together?

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