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Incredible Photos Show Loyal Corgi Sticking By Owner's Side As She Gives Birth

Kristin Ann Photography

If you've had any doubts that a dog was a man's best friend, you haven't met Ranger the corgi and his owner Brooke Ellington from Midland, Texas.

For her entire life, Ellington has had a special place in her heart for corgis, who've always returned her affection, and Ranger was no exception - especially when Ellington was about to give birth.

Before Ranger came along, Ellington and her husband Steve had another corgi named Ryder, who was present during the birth of the couple's second child, a son named Boyd.

Ryder was photographed by Kristin Waner, the owner of Kristin Ann Photography, which captures several snapshots of the loving canine supporting Ellington through her home birth.  

"He would come and check on his mum and make sure everything was okay," Waner said. "From letting her hug him through the contraction to watching her as she walked through the pain outside. He gave her the space she needed but the love she wanted."

Sadly, Ryder passed away before Ellington was able to deliver her daughter Berkeley, but their next dog, Ranger was able to step in, and there are incredibly precious pictures to prove that.

According to Waner, before Ellington was set to deliver, Ranger could immediately tell something was about to happen.

"He quickly came in to greet me, then headed right back to the bedroom to be with Brooke as she labored. He was very curious as to what was going on. He laid under the bed watching her rock back and forth," Wane explained.

"He was a calming presence when the power and intensity of her contractions started. Every once in a while he would jump on the bed to give her a reassuring kiss to let her know she could do this," the photographer added. "It was a beautiful thing to watch "“ the bond between mom and baby and man's best friend. This made me take notice."

Wane said that Ellington's labor was quick, Ranger made sure she knew he was there to support her.

"Ranger sat on the couch watching her, making sure everything was okay. While Brooke held her husband Steve and her amazing doula Jenny helped her ride through each contraction, Ranger would come and give her another reassuring kiss then back to the couch he went," Wane said.

"He knew she was in good hands so he waited patiently for the new baby to arrive," she continued

When Berkeley finally arrived, Wane shared that Ranger was the most excited of them all.

"Through all the commotion, little Ranger jumped up and ran right over to meet his new (and only) little sister. He loved her. He watched every moment from her getting weighed to her first outfit changed. He was so proud to see her and the work Brooke did," she said.

Wane said that when she posted the photos on Facebook, she was overwhelmed with the public's positive reaction.

She said: "Birth is raw and it is something people aren't used to seeing. It is something that does not need to be hidden though."

However, she added that the person who loved the photos the most was Ellington herself, as she hadn't realized Ranger had been present for her entire delivery.

"When I got home to look through all the photos I was in heaven looking at all the beautiful moments from this birth. I wanted to laugh and cry while looking through them. They were perfect," she said.

"When I sent the preview to Brooke, she had no idea he never left her side. It was so nice that I could capture that for her and she now can look back and see things she otherwise might not have noticed," Wane added.

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