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Never-Before-Seen Photos Of The Night Marilyn Monroe Sang To JFK

"Happy birthdaaaay, Mr. President!"

Do you remember when Marilyn Monroe sang to John F. Kennedy? May 19th, 1962.

She was sewn into a stunning, sparking dress and took the stage solo in front of the 15,000 men and women at Madison Square Garden. The second Marilyn opened her mouth, they all knew they were witnessing history.

Marilyn made it feel like it was just her and JFK in the room. Her breathy, sultry rendition has been celebrated, parodied, and recreated in the 50 years since she first performed it.

Her seductive song did nothing to quell rumors about the movie star and the president having an affair, but something tells me she didn't care.

Here are some of the most iconic images from that truly amazing night.

And here is the iconic video:

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