Photos From Titanic Passengers Show What It Was Like Sailing On The Doomed Ship

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Thomas Schmid

More than 100 years after the Titanic set sail on its first - and final - voyage, we're still captivated by this incredible ship and its tragic story.

Historical photos, including ones taken by passengers on the Titanic, paint the ship and its famous disaster in a new light.

1. Building the Titanic

The ship without its chimneys, in Belfast, Ireland.Wikimedia

When it set sail on April 10, 1912, the Titanic was the world's largest ship. At 880 feet long and 175 feet high, it took a team of 20 horses just to drag the Titanic's massive anchor, and the ship was under construction for three years.

The ship's propeller, just before launch.Library of Congress
A colorized photo of the ship during construction.3D History
Two men pose with part of the ship's massive engine.Thomas Schmid

2. The black mark

While crashing into an iceberg sealed the Titanic's fate, some say it was doomed from the beginning.

Steve Raffield

Experts believe the black mark in this photo is evidence of a massive coal fire inside the ship's hold. Trying to control the fire may have weaked the Titanic's hull, and made the ship accelerate towards the iceberg.

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