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Children Picked Last In Sports Turn Into Lazy Adults, Study Finds


Either you loved or hated physical education class in school. There really isn't an in between.

Those who loved it were great, or at least mediocre, at sports and felt like they added value to their team when they competed against their peers.

On the other hand, those who hated gym class were the ones who were picked last and embarrassed for their lack of skill, athleticism, and hand-eye coordination.

I remember coming home to my mom crying when I was picked last for a sport. It made me feel dumb, useless, and just plain awful.

And when you appear as the weakest link, your peers don't engage with you and try to help you improve and succeed.

Sometimes, even your friends will ignore you in the midst of competition and for the title of winning that one tournament in middle school.

In hindsight, I'm sure they all regretted doing that, but what's done is done.

Turns out, the shame and embarrassment that comes with being picked last in gym class affects those individuals for the rest of their lives.

A new study published in the Translational Journal of the American College of Sports Medicine found that people who are not chosen in PE exercise less, and are overall lazier.

The researchers from Iowa State University analyzed approximately 1,000 adults from 46 states, between the ages of 18 and 45.

Each person was asked to complete a brief online survey about their best and worst experiences in gym class.

An estimated 34% said they felt "embarrassed" by their experiences for being picked last, and 14% said they felt embarrassed by feeling that their bodies were being judged in the locker room.

The researchers found that this "emotional impact" can lead to more time spent sitting on weekdays and the weekend when these individuals reach adulthood.

These findings are worrisome, which means more needs to be done to ensure today's children feel good in gym class.

We all know childhood experiences affects one's future, but who knew that PE could play a huge factor?

Teachers should place emphasis on teamwork and team building exercises, as opposed to individual performance.

As for me, I don't get as much exercise as I would like to. I have a lack of motivation and when I start an activity, it doesn't take long until I go back to watching TV in the evenings.

It's possible that the humiliation from gym class affected me today, but I can't say for certain.

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Were you picked last in gym class? How did that affect you then, and do you think that experience affects how you exercise now?

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