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Pickle Popsicles Are A Big Dill This Summer

Pickles seem to be taking over as the hottest flavor of the summer. From Pickle Soda to classic recipes, this distinct ingredient is blowing away everyone's palettes.  

While the brine has plenty of clever uses, have you ever thought about it keeping you cool in the summer?

Pickle Ices are now hitting a variety of grocery and convenience stores nationwide for about 50 cents a pop. Coming this July, you will be able to find them in about 700 Walmart stores across the country.

The ice pops are designed with athletes in mind, since pickle juice has been known for helping to keep you hydrated during grueling workouts.

Adding electrolytes to the pickle brine further helps to ward off cramps, as well as potassium, calcium and magnesism to help your body replenish the nutrients you lose during your workout.

But these fluorescent green pops aren't just getting the attention for their nutritional value. It's actually the flavor that has people flocking to grab one.

This low-calorie way to chill out on a hot day, make you feel like you are crunchy on a delicious pickle as a snack.

Would you want to try one?

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