Santa Asks Kids A New Question, And Their Answers Will Melt Your Heart

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Santa Asks Kids A New Question, And Their Answers Will Melt Your Heart

As parents, you want to know your kids are being raised with the right values. Sure, you do your best to teach them how to treat people and what to treasure, but how do we know they're actually listening?

These thoughts especially creep into our minds around Christmas time. It's easy to get caught up in the "I want this!" attitude of Christmas with all those TV commercials advertising the coolest new toys.

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Pillsbury decided that they wanted to see if kids really knew what Christmas means, and whether or not they were too focused on presents to see the other aspects. They teamed up with the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota to film a video titled "Cannot Be Bought."

The video's goal was to make kids think about what Christmas is all about, and to find out what they're thankful for. Santa Claus asked each kid what gifts they already have that mean a lot to them, and the video is something special.

Santa starts out by asking kids the traditional question: what do you want for Christmas?

But it's after the kids rhyme off their list that he says "tell me some of the gifts you already have."

#CantBeBought Santa

The best things about the holiday season #CantBeBought. This season we asked kids what gifts they have that mean the most to them. Watch what happened and share the gifts in your life that can't be bought.

Posted by Pillsbury on Friday, December 8, 2017

Family, friends, and health, were all popular answers from the kids. The video is starting to go viral, as people are thankful to see something positive online for a chance.

What are some of the gifts you already have?

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