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Pilot Proposes To Flight Attendant Girlfriend In The Most Adorable Way

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Proposing to someone that you want to spend the rest of your life with can be a pretty daunting prospect. First there's the matter of picking out the ring, which is a pile of difficulties all on its own: What stone do you want? What do you want the setting to look like? What size does she need? How many months of salary are you willing to give up for it? etc.

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Then there's the whole issue of when the best time to propose is! Do you do it on a holiday so it's already a special day before you pop the question? Do you wait until you and your partner are alone together on a day you can make special for just yourselves? Do you plan some elaborate proposal that you get your friends and family involved with? The list goes on!


Fortunately, some people are lucky enough that the stars just seem to align, and the perfect opportunity just presents itself on its own. Case and point: airline pilot Jon Emerson wanted to propose to his girlfriend, Lauren, and it turned out the best time to do so was while she was working on his flight!

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