Pilots Caught Playing On Social Media While Flying A Plane Full Of Passengers

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I love to travel. I'm that person who is always searching for flight deals and dreaming about my next getaway.

But ironically, I hate flying. I can never be comfortable on a plane, and honestly, there's just something about being 30,000 feet up in the air that scares the bejesus out of me.

Plus, I have a hard time putting my trust in the pilots. I'm not saying that they aren't qualified, but when they're locked away in the cockpit, who knows what they're really up to.

I wish I could convince myself that whoever is in charge of maneuvering the aircraft (and my life) is 100 percent focused at the task at hand, but that would be me putting too much trust in a stranger.


Well, a recent video of pilots goofing around in the cockpit while carrying a plane full of passengers surfaced, and it justified all my worries.

To say that their actions were dangerous is an understatement.

EasyJet captain Michael Castellucci is known for regularly uploading selfies and videos of himself and his colleagues at work and in between flights, but this time he crossed a line.

Along with his co-pilot, Castellucci posted a number of photos and videos on social media while on a flight between Paris and Madrid. He started documenting their flight on Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook before takeoff, and it only escalated the higher they got.

While their hijinks were shocking, the public is even more disappointed with the way the company initially chose to remedy the situation.

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