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Pink Comes Clean About Struggles In Her 11 Year Marriage

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Marriage in general, is not easy. From your daily life of going to work, cleaning the house, cooking dinner, it can be hard to see eye-to-eye with someone you share everything with. Then you start raising children and tensions begin to grow where they hadn't been before. Now imagine traveling a lot and constantly being in the public eye. It's no wonder why celebrities have the hardest time making it work.

Pop star Pink has revealed what it's been like to be in her 11-year marriage with husband, Carey Hart, and she holds nothing back.

The singer, with the real name Alecia Moore, spoke honestly about her relationship with the former Motocross competitor and we are shocked about what came out of it.

The 38-year-old performer confessed that in spite of being on good terms at the moment, "there's been many moments where we've questioned everything' describing those moments as 'really f***ing hard."

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Pink and Carey started dating in 2001, but broke up in 2003. They later married in 2006, but split again in 2008. They reunited in 2009 and have had many ups-and-downs ever since.

"I think when you've been together for a long time, it's inevitable that you will go through times that are really f***ing hard... there's been many moments where we've questioned everything. That's how we are," the You Make Me Sick singer said.

While their relationship has been tumultuous at times, the singer comes clean about her struggle with monogamy.

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