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Pink Responds To Claims That She Was Shaming Christina Aguilera

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No one can deny that Pink continues to challenge herself in order to outdo her previous performances. From suspending herself high above the stage and performing acrobatics that would challenge professional gymnasts, Pink knows how to put on a show.

It was no different at this year's American Music Awards in Los Angeles.

This time she took her performance outside to the side of the JW Marriott Hotel and sang her latest single "Beautiful Trauma," several stories off the ground.

Suspended by high wire, she looked fearless as she performed with several other backup dancers on the side of the building.

Pink also teamed up with Kelly Clarkson during the show and these two vocal powerhouses delivered a stunning performance of "Everybody Hurts".

In spite of stepping on stage twice during the 2017 AMA's and delivering spectacular performances, that's not what everyone is talking about.

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