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This Pink Lake Isn't Polluted, It's Just A One-Of-A-Kind Beauty

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We travel not only to escape routine, but to traverse exotic lands that will excite and inspire us.

Luckily, the world is filled with jaw-dropping landscapes, which only means that there are a lot of places we're planning to tick off on our bucket lists.    

One of my favorite beaches in the world is in the Maldives, where you can see bioluminescent plankton light up on the shore at night.

It's such a stunning sight in pictures, but it's simply magical in person.

It feels like you've been transported to another world, like Avatar. For sci-fi fanatics, or anyone who gets excited by the bizarre, you'll love this location.

Another place that will amaze you with its beauty is Lake Hillier.

This pink lake is a short walk away from the stunning south-western coast of Australia.

It's only 1,968 feet long and 820 feet wide, so it's not big at all, but it's stunning mellow pink and white sand has thousands of tourists flocking to this part of the country.

It's hypothesized that this lake has turned into this unique color because of the presence of Dunaliella salina microalgae that produces carotenoids, which gives off the pink pigment.

If you're wondering if it's safe to swim in this water, it is.

This isn't the only pink lake in the world...

Hutt Lagoon

Western Australia is home to a couple pink lakes, including Hutt Lagoon.

This 27-square-mile lake isn't pink all the time, it actually changes to a red or purple depending on the weather and season.

Lagua Colorada

If you love all things pink, head over to Bolivia's pink lake, which is also home to local flamingos.

The shallow waters of this 23-square-mile rosy lake is easily accessible and is surrounded by the gorgeous Andes Mountain range and rocky shorelines.

Las Salinas de Torrevieja

Do you dream about an exotic spa vacation in Europe? Spain may be just the place you need to be.

This pink lake is a great place to relax and unwind. It also makes for great photos!

Is visiting a pink lake on your bucket list?

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