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Pink Handed A 12-Year-Old Girl The Microphone, Then She Stole The Show

Victoria Anthony - Twitter

It's pretty tough to upstage a recording artist with three Grammys who has sold over 40 million albums.

So the fact that a 12-year-old girl impressed Pink by covering her own song at a recent concert should make the rest of us take notice.

Singer Victoria Anthony says she was "so scared" during the viral moment, but you could never guess from her amazing performance.

"I just started singing and it was so awesome. It was the best thing ever."

Victoria Anthony Pink
Victoria Anthony is a devoted Pink fan, and dreamed about singing with her.Victoria Anthony - Twitter

While a short clip of Anthony singing for Pink has been viewed millions of times, there's a lot you don't see in the viral video.

Anthony's mother, Christina, deserves a lot of credit for getting her daughter in front of Pink in the first place.

After hearing her daughter joke about getting to sing with Pink at her Beautiful Trauma tour date in Vancouver, Canada, Christina moved heaven and earth to make it happen.

She started the hashtag #VicAndPink, and shared clips of her daughter belting out some of the singer's hits on Twitter.

Christina even managed singer Sarah McLachlan, who started her career in Vancouver, to spread the word about Anthony's dream.

So when Pink actually approached her daughter during the concert, asking if she was the girl on the news, Christina was "so proud."

As for her daughter, when the moment finally came to sing in front of her idol, her nerves almost got the best of her.

Victoria Anthony Pink Pefect
Victoria's chance to sing for Pink was weeks in the making.Victoria Anthony - Twitter

"I was just so focused on singing and making sure I didn't screw up the words. I was so scared." she told CTV News.

"I just started singing and it was so awesome. It was the best thing ever."

A "Perfect" Performance

Pink introduced herself to Anthony (as "Alecia") during a break in her show, then handed her microphone and told her to sing "anything you want."

Anthony chose to cover Pink's hit song "Perfect," and just a few bars in, the crowd of 20,000 Pink fans were completely behind her.

Pink was obviously impressed herself, throwing up her hands and mouthing "Wow" during Anthony's short performance.

"I sang it right in front of her face," Anthony said later. "It was absolutely crazy."

Afterwards, the singer said Anthony was "amazing," and told her to "never stop."

"I'm not going to sing that song now," she joked. She also compared Anthony's pitch-perfect cover to the "Alvin & the Chipmunks" version of her song.

Soon, millions of people were sharing Christina's video of the special moment, and applauding Anthony's singing voice.

Victoria Anthony Piano
Anthony is still releasing new covers, but says a music career is not for sure.Victoria Anthony - Twitter

But the pint-sized performer revealed that her cover wasn't the only special part about meeting her idol.

"Obviously I love her music. But the way she writes her songs ... she writes about her experiences and she doesn't really do things because people tell her to," she explained.

"She does things because they're the right thing to do."

Many viewers are urging Anthony to start her own music career, but while that's not in the cards just yet, she says music "will always be a part of my life."

You can listen to more of Victoria Anthony's performances here.

[H/T: CTV News]

How do you think Anthony measured up to Pink? Were you as impressed as she was?

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