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Pink's Powerful New Selfie Has Moms Saying "Me Too"

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Being a mom is no easy task. From midnight feedings, to teething pain and sleep training, the first few months of a baby's life can be hard on everybody.

Breastfeeding mothers know a whole other set of challenges that goes on with their body. Constant hunger and thirst, the challenges of feeding "on demand" and the overall discomfort your body experiences while you produce milk for your little ones.


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You know that an attempt to multitask while nursing or pumping can be daunting. We have all reached for something off the table, or tried to clean up the kitchen and ended up spilling that precious "liquid gold." In that case, it's okay to cry over split milk. Trust me, we all have.

Whether you pump because you have to go to work, or you need some rest and dad wants to give a bottle, or you have never been able to get your baby to latch, you know the struggle of being tethered to a breast pump.

There's a road that takes me home.....

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When our favorite celebrity mom, Pink, took to Instagram to post another hilarious pumping selfie, we all could relate!

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