One Of These Planes Is Going In The Opposite Direction, Can You Spot Which One?

The Sun

If you're dreaming of a winter getaway, challenge yourself with this flying-themed brainteaser and test how fast you can spot the plane that is going in a different direction.

Travelers and those looking to test their mental sharpness have been flocking towards this viral photo that has got everyone scratching their heads.

The map-based brainteaser was created by the people at Airport Parking And Hotels (APH) to keep everyone in the family entertained over the holiday season.

The image shows dozens of white planes flying out from what looks like the UK, but there's only one pilot who is heading back.

Can you spot that jet?

Are you ready for the answer? Or do you need a hint?

Before you scroll down and see the answer, take a closer look at areas on the map where planes are closer together.

If you haven't found the rogue plane yet, the answer circled below.

Were your eyes playing tricks on you? Although this brainteaser seems pretty simple, and arguably is, those who found it difficult to spot the plane in under 30 seconds are said to be less patient than others. All it takes to spot the rogue plane is to carefully, and slowly, survey the map until you find the one with its wings pointing the other direction.

How fast were you able to solve this puzzle?

Challenge your friends by sending them this brainteaser to see how fast they can spot the plane going in the opposite direction!

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