Police are looking for this woman after a bizarre church robbery

Police in Arizona are on the lookout for a 24-year-old woman after she was filmed breaking into a church, vandalizing and robbing it.

So complete was the theft that she even stole the church's chocolate milk!

The Pinal Country Sheriff's Office is looking for Nicole Clinton after authorities matched her face to the one found on the church's surveillance cameras.

Nicole Clinton

Clinton had been arrested earlier this year on burglary charges, but she escaped from the hospital where she was receiving treatment for an ankle infection.

Cameras show Clinton breaking windows to gain entry and then searching the church for things to steal. She made off with a keyboard, an iPad a microphone and even the church's brass bells.

Police haven't seen a sign of Clinton or the assortment of stolen goods that she made off with.

Priest Father Branson does have a message for her however.

"I hope he gets hope," he said. "We're all praying for her because she needs help."

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