Police Called To Ancient Roman Site After A Tourist Did Something Mindblowingly Stupid

Tourists may not be allowed in Italy if we keep this up.

Yet another tourist has been arrested for defacing or disrespecting ancient roman sites, and the locals are furious.

A man, who some reportedly named Manolo, went skinny dipping at the ancient Trevi Fountain in Rome, before being hauled away, soaking and naked, by Italian police. He attempted to slip away, injuring one of the officers in the process.


He's been charged with violence against a public official and resisting arrest. He may face additional charges as authorities are examining the fountain for any damages the man might have caused.

The Trevi Fountain is nearly 300 years old and one of the most recognizable fountains in the world. It's illegal to swim or enter the fountain, or try to retrieve coins from it. An estimated $3,200 US is thrown into the fountain every day.

Light Up Fountain

This event is part of a disturbing increase in tourist vandalism for one of the most visited cities in the world. One tourist in 2016 broke off a tusk of an elephant statue in Minerva. In 2015 2 women from California were arrested after carving their initials into a pillar in the Colosseum.