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Police Dog Forced To Give A Witness Statement, But No One Expected It To Go Like This

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Daily Mail

It's standard procedure for arresting officers to fill out witness statements during criminal cases. In England, the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) sent a request to all the arresting officers involved in a particular case to complete their witness statements and submit them in a timely manner.

When one statement didn't come through, the CPS diligently followed-up with another request, demanding a statement from Officer PC Peach.

While it normally wouldn't have been a problem, there was one small detail that prevented the officer from filing a statement - he's a dog.

Even after several other officers informed CPS that PC peach is actually PD Peach (PD for police dog), CPS continued to demand a statement.

So, Officer Peach and his handler, decided to give the CPS exactly what they wanted...

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