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Police Dog's Heroic Rescue Of Two Kittens Lost In The Snow Will Melt Your Heart

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RCMP Manitoba

The Manitoba RCMP's twitter account says the lost little kittens were "near frozen" when police found them, but doesn't offer any clues about where they came from.

At least Hix can know that he did a job well done, because police gave the cats a warm bed, food and water, and a checkup with a vet. And Hix made lots of new fans from around the world when the police shared his story on their Twitter account.

"Thank you for your service Hix," one person wrote.

"I am just curious if PO Hix will be able to keep his new friends," joked another.

Of course, not every dog is cut out for police work quite like Hix. Earlier this year the CIA revealed that they had to cut Lulu, a trainee bomb-sniffing dog, because she just seemed to have no interest in her job.

CIA / Twitter

"All dogs, just like most human students, have good days and bad days when learning something new," they wrote, but Lulu showed almost no interest in her work. Instead, she was allowed to retire to a quiet life of chasing squirrels.

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