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Hero Police Dog Recovering After Taking A Bullet For His Handler

We've said it before, but it deserves to be said again: K9 officers don't get enough recognition for the incredible work they do. Standing side-by-side with their human partners, K9 cops do all the work of a regular officer, plus some dirty and difficult jobs humans can't.

But Kaspar, a K9 officer from Palm Beach, Florida, went above and beyond the call of duty when his partner was threatened. Now, this dog is being called a hero for his unbelievable sacrifice.

Warning: some of the photos in this article are graphic.

Kaspar and his partner were tracking a suspect who had allegedly been involved in a shooting and a robbery.

The suspect was known as a "Dangerous individual," and he was already wanted for robbing a motel, so police knew they were in for trouble.

After a car chase the suspect was cornered in a parking lot. That's when he pulled out a gun and fired at Kaspar's handler.

Kaspar blocked the bullet, injuring himself but saving his handler's life. After shooting the suspect, cops raced to get Kaspar to the Palm Beach Animal Hospital.

K9 Casper Returns Home

K9 Casper returns home after taking a bullet that was meant for his K9 handler.

Posted by PBSO - Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office on Saturday, May 13, 2017

The bullet struck Kaspar's hip but managed to miss his vital organs. After emergency surgery on Friday, Kaspar was healthy enough to walk out of the hospital on Saturday afternoon.

Just another day in the life of this dog, who's been trained to assist the SWAT team, bomb squad and regular patrol. Kaspar even helped guard the president.

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