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Police Officer Found Her Missing Toy, Then Took It On An Adventure (Photos)

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One simple Facebook notification lead a police officer from La Plata, Maryland on an overnight adventure with a dragon by his side.

My daughter plays outside for hours with her dinosaurs and dragons. And she has done this daily since she was about...

Posted by Jason Hendricks on Sunday, July 16, 2017

Sergeant Robert Bagley was tagged on a post by Jason Hendricks, who said his daughter's favorite toys had been stolen. Little Evie Hendricks loves to play with her toy dragons and dinosaurs, but since they like to stomp around in the mud her parents leave them outside in the yard at night. That's where some heartless person found them last week.

The suspect is seen walking away with the toys on Hendricks' security camera.Jason Hendricks / Facebook

The crook walked off with Evie's dragon and dinosaur, and her dad asked people in the neighborhood to look out for them. "I sure hope that this person thought the toys needed a little adventure and will be returning them soon and I hope these dinos and dragons find their way back to their rightful owner," he wrote.

Sergeant Bagley with the missing dragon.Bobby Bagley / Facebook

Just a few hours after he was notified about the theft by a friend, sergeant Bagley managed to track down the dragon, proving that no job is too big or too small for the police. But before he wrapped up his investigation, Bagley did something special.

The officer took his new scaly friend on an adventure to find the missing T-rex, and took photos of the whole hilarious caper along the way.

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