Police Officer Heard a "Voice", And What It Told Him Saved His Life

For this 16 year veteran police officer, his overnight shift on July 14 was nearly his last.

He was working his side job, providing security after a long regular shift at the Department, and the summer heat was taking it's toll. He removed his bullet proof vest in an attempt to cool down, when he heard a voice tell him to put it back on.

Without hesitating, he strapped his vest to his chest and that action saved his life.

The officer who's identity remains hidden, recounts the events that occurred that night.

While sitting in his car, another vehicle carrying 4 men opened fire in front of him. He was was hit several times in the torso, before the shooters drove away. More than a dozen shots were exchanged in the shootout.

He believes that the gunmen saw his police uniform in the car and targeted him because of it.

The officer was able to follow the men long enough to identify them before seeking medical attention for a wound near his ribs.

If it wasn't for the voice of God, telling him to put his vest on, he wouldn't be here today, to tell his story.

Do you think this was divine intervention?