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Police Officer's Body Cam Footage Shows Heroic Rescue Of A Dog From Burning Building

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After a fire broke out in an abandoned building in Atlanta, police were given the responsibility to search for anyone who was still inside. While they didn't find any people, Officer Robert Winkler did spot a dog laying on the smokey floor.

While the dog wasn't moving, he felt like there was still hope. He couldn't tell if he was breathing, but Winkler knew that he had to act fast if he wanted this pup to have a chance. He grabbed the dog and pulled him from the burning building, carrying him out of the range of the smoke. The really remarkable thing was that it was all captured on his body camera.

Atlanta Police Department

They called the ASPCA as soon as they could so they could get advice on how to help the poor dog, and when the EMTs arrived they were able to give him oxygen and they were able to resuscitate him. And now he looks like a whole new dog.

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