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Police Officer Stops His Car To Help An Old Man Cross The Street [Video]

It's the kind of footage that sends a chill down your spine. Caught on CCTV cameras in china, the video shows a police car speeding into view before stopping in the middle of a busy intersection.

Now traffic on China's hectic streets is no joke, so it took some serious courage for this officer to park his car in the middle of the intersection and step out. But as you'll see, he had a very good reason, and people around the world are calling him a hero for what he did next.

GCTV / YouTube

It seems like every day we see more videos of police officers going the extra mile to help people in their community, but even that hilarious pregnancy prank doesn't hold a candle to this.

It seems the cop had spotted an old man trying to cross the huge intersection. Even in the short footage you can see that traffic signals don't mean much to these drivers, so this was a very dangerous trip.

But the cop made sure he got across safely, blocking the intersection with his car and leading him across the street by the hand.

Hopefully the officer in this video, which has been watched almost 100,000 times since it was uploaded a few days ago, will earn a reward for his incredible kindness.

It's not every day you see someone stop and go out of their way for a total stranger, so we think he deserves some recognition.

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