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Police Officer Stops Car From Flipping Over Bridge With His Bare Hands

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After the story went viral, people started sending Willis kind messages. While he appreciated all the attention, Willis says that "I was only doing my job." That's just what Superman would say!

Even though he is being modest, fellow officer Adam Pace, replied and said "Your superman cape isn't in this photo though! Must have come off in the fracas!"

"I can't can't begin to describe my relief when [Fire Rescue] arrived on scene!" Willis said. They were able to hook the car up to cables and secure it so that the officer could let go.

He doesn't want to be thought of as a hero, he just wants people to drive safely. Immediately after the incident he tweeted a message that showed that he was more concerned about others than his new found fame. "Good evening. Thank you very much to everyone that has tweeted such kind words to me about the collision on the A1M this morning! Very much appreciated! It's not going to be as cold tonight but beware as there is still the potential for ice if skies clear. Drive carefully."

So hopefully everyone takes his advice and takes it easy on the roads this winter, Officer Willis won't always be able to fly in and save the day!

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