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She Was Sent To Jail For Murdering Her Child, But Then Her Second Pregnancy Cleared Her Name

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Imagine being put in prison for murdering your own child, knowing you were innocent? That was the life Patti Stallings lived for months, before giving birth and being proven innocent.

The story is wild from start to finish, so let's just dive into it.

Patti and David Stallings

In 1986, Patti met her future husband, David, while she was working at 7/11. David was a plate engraver, and the two instantly fell in love. Two years later, they were married. One year after that, their son Ryan was born in 1989.

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Ryan Stallings

Ryan Stallings was never quite right. His parents noticed he couldn't hold down his formula, and would vomit once per week.

“We kind of got used to it,” Patti remembers. “He looked so normal.”

When he was just three months old, Ryan fell critically ill. He was found by his mother, lying face-up in his crib and breathing heavily. Immediately, Patti and David brought baby Ryan to the hospital, where he was admitted to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit.

"It was just a shock to see a little baby incapacitated the way he was," said the new mom. "It was to the point where they said, well, they don’t know how long he’s going to be here.  'We don’t know what’s wrong with him yet.  So you may as well just go to the waiting room and stay out there until we can tell you what’s wrong.'”

But the longer they waited, the more panicked the parents were. Then the police showed up.

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