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Neighbors Forced To Take Drastic Measures After Bird Starts Vandalizing Cars

The Spruce / WSB

Authorities in Snellville, Georgia found an unexpected culprit in a string of broken car mirrors.

Kevin Morrisey had his truck mirror broken and was suspicious local children were vandalizing the neighborhood, radio station AMB 750 WSB reports.

“I came out and saw broken glass next to my door and said, ‘Oh my gosh, the kids have hit it again,'" Morrisey said.

When more than a dozen residents of the Nob Hill subdivision reported the vandalism, the Snellville police department increased patrols before uncovering the criminal at large.

“We believe that we have identified a suspect in connection to this crime. One witness observed a pileated woodpecker breaking her car mirror in the neighborhood," the Snellville Police Department said in a Facebook post. "We will continue our patrols, but we suspect that this case is solved. It is most likely a retaliation to our post about geese the other day. It is known that the goose and woodpecker work together to cause trouble in safe areas.”

However, according to Atlas Obscura, the woodpecker was actually attacking the mirrors believing his reflection were rival birds.

With the federally-protected bird is still on the loose, residents have been taking precautions to protect their property by covering their mirrors with bags to prevent additional damage.

Fellow resident John Hancock said he had noticed mirrors pushed back multiple times, but never had any damage. His wife on the other hand had her mirrors shattered.

“They have a very strong beak and they will peck at another woodpecker and that’s what they’re doing. They’re pecking at the glass and sometimes they break it and sometimes they don’t,” he said.

Has an animal ever vandalized your property?

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