Policeman Volunteered To Find His Missing Girlfriend and Her Son, But He Was Hiding Something

When Claudia Konstantinovics went missing, her boyfriend Daniel was the first one to report her disappearance.

Daniel, a police officer, told detectives the last time he saw Claudia she had left their apartment with her young son and a bag of clothes. That was days ago, and the pregnant Claudia hadn't called or come home since.

Detectives started looking for her right away, and one of her friends organized a search party using social media, but police never expected where they would find her.

Warning: some readers may find the details of this story disturbing.


Two days after he reported Claudia missing, Daniel left Vienna, where he lived with Claudia, and drove hundreds of kilometers to the province of Styria, near his home town.

While he was away, police searched his home and found blood. They no longer believed his story, and tracked him down in the countryside.

After confronting Daniel, he confessed to killing his girlfriend and her son, before burying their bodies in a secluded meadow in the woods of Styria.


Daniel now claims he was in a fight with Claudia and shot her using a gun he smuggled from his job, before strangling her young son.

Authorities say before committing the crime he searched the internet for "the perfect murder" and "inconspicuous corpse removal."

Claudia's sister Cornelia remembers her as a loving mother, and says the couple were planning to move into a bigger apartment when her second child was born.

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[Source: The Local]