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Ellen Pompeo And Patrick Dempsey Haven't Spoken In Three Years

Anyone who watches Grey's Anatomy will know the chemistry between Meredith and Derek was intense. A lot of it had to do with the writing, of course, but the connection was due largely in part to the chemistry between the actors. Ellen Pompeo and Patrick Dempsey truly seemed like they were best friends, and when Dempsey's character ended up getting killed off, there was a lot of concern that the show would lose its draw.


"I think a lot of people were really upset about his departure, which is super understandable," Pompeo admitted at the time. "But I think the change is part of the reason why the show goes on so long. I think people tune in to see what the show looks like now. What is Meredith going to do without Derek. I think they get so upset about the change, but change is precisely what everyone always needs to sort of get to the next place."


While a lot of people were asking what Meredith will do without Derek, others were wondering what Pompeo would do without Dempsey. After 11 years of playing on-screen love interests, wouldn't it make sense that their relationship continued after Dempsey left the show? Well in theory, that would make sense. But during an episode of Jada Pinkett Smith's Red Table Talk, Pompeo dropped some shocking information about her former co-star.

"We haven't spoken since he left the show," Pompeo revealed. "I have no hard feelings toward him, he's a wonderful actor and we made, you know, the best TV you could make together."


Pompeo isn't upset about not speaking to Dempsey, and she understands the need for him to figure out what he's going to do next.

"Typically when people leave the show, they need to sort of re-find themselves, who they are, without the show, because the show takes up so much of your life," she explained. "You need that time to figure out who you are without the show. So, we have not spoken but I will always have a place in my heart for Patrick."


Pompeo said previously on Ellen that she misses working with Dempsey, but is glad the show is going well without him. She said it's basically proving the nay-sayers wrong.

"Everybody thought because Patrick was leaving that it wouldn't do well, but it's doing very well," Pompeo stated, before hilariously adding, "It's amazing how much you get done without a penis. We miss him dearly, but yeah the show is doing very well."


Hearing that Dempsey and Pompeo don't really speak anymore isn't that shocking, especially since Dempsey and his wife went through a separation after he left the show. They've since gotten back together, but clearly they've got a lot going on in their lives, and staying in touch with old co-workers isn't at the top of the list.

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