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Grandma's Pool Cleaning Hack Goes Viral - Because It Actually Works Wonders

Lisa Pack - Facebook

A grandmother from Ohio is getting a lot of attention for her quick and clever pool cleaning hack.    

Lisa Pack, 49, says she learned her trick after countless weeks spent scrubbing and vacuuming to keep her backyard pool blue.

"My pool's never been clear," she explained. "It just doesn't stay clear for some reason."

No Work, Just Play

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Pack says her daughter, Whitney, was the one who actually stumbled across the helpful advice on Facebook.

But Pack shared it on Facebook herself this month saying, "Everyone knows my pool is green by this time of year."

Her solution? Pack says she just drops one Mr. Clean Magic Eraser into her pool's skimmer bucket, and lets the foam square do all the work.

Before discovering the trick, Pack says she would spend up to 45 minutes a week cleaning her pool.

Lisa Pack - Facebook

Now, she just drops in an eraser when the water gets cloudy, and it does all the work.

The results speak for themselves, as Pack holds up a green and grungy piece of foam in front of her sparkling clean pool.

"Holla bing holla boom," Pack said. "The cloudiness left and my sponge looks like this. I'm pretty excited to think something so cheap could help so much."

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In fact, the hack is even cheaper if you buy bulk packs of melamine foam - the same stuff Magic Erasers are made from but much cheaper.

"There's nothing," Pack brags about her spotless pool. "There's no green, there's no slime on the bottom. There was no green in sight "” it was amazing."

Think Outside The Box

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If you have a pool, you know just like Pack does that cleaning it is a real chore.

So along with her Magic Eraser hack, we've rounded up some of our favorite pool cleaning tricks.

These will save time, save money, and leave your pool looking spotless.

Trust us, it works

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Wrap a pair of pantyhose around your skimmer basket to increase its cleaning power.

The hose works like an extra filter, blocking tiny particles and gunk from getting to the main cleaner.

Just tie the hose on tight and be sure to replace it when it turns slimy.

Pump it up


If your pool has a sand filter, you can give it a workout and keep your pool clean by adding in diatomaceous earth (DE).

This powder makes the sand in your filter clump together. That way, it makes a sturdy barrier against even tiny debris, and your pool stays extra clean.

Anyone for tennis?

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A tennis ball is a pool owner's best friend during long summer months when guests enjoy a swim daily.

It's hard to see, but swimmers leave oil from their skin in the water. This makes the pool cloudy, and also attracts bugs.

Drop a tennis ball on the water and it will float around soaking up oil. Plus, the ball is like a magnet for dog hair.

Buzz off

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Don't let bees or wasps spoil your day by the pool, and don't think you have to rely on smelly citronella candles to keep them at bay.

Dryer sheets repel bugs like magic, so using them as basket liners around the pool is a handy way to control pests.

Lemongrass plants work wonders too - they're a natural source of citronella.

Stain control

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A few of the most common stains on your pool walls can be controlled with ingredients from your pantry.

Vinegar will wipe away calcium marks, while lime juice is handy for metal stains or rust marks.

Finally, baking soda will keep your pool tiles clean, but that's not all.

A pound of baking soda works just like a pound of alkalinity product, but usually costs much less.

Hopefully these tips will let you spend more time in a clean pool!

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