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Pope Bruised And Bloodied After Incident In Popemobile

Pope Francis is currently on a four-city Colombian tour, despite the Hurricane currently passing through the Caribbean. Regardless of the rain, as many as one million people showed up to greet His Holiness as he drove by in his Popemobile in the Andes.

Pope Francis held an open air Mass in the central Colombian city of Villavicencio, calling for reconciliation in the country.

"Every effort at peace without a sincere commitment to reconciliation is destined to fail," the Pope said. "Reconciliation means opening a door to every person who has experienced the tragic reality of conflict."

However, on Sunday, things got dicey when the Pope ended up bloodied with a black eye.

Pope Francis, who has been heralded as an extremely progressive and forgiving Pope, was involved in a minor motor vehicle accident over the weekend.

According to the Vatican, the Popemobile braked suddenly while the Pope was touring, causing him to violently fall forward and hit his face on the glass.

The result? Pope Francis is now hosting a Holy shiner.

He also got a small cut above his eye, which left blood on his white cassock.

Vatican spokesman Greg Burke told reporters:

"The pope is alright. Ice was put on it and he was treated. He will continue the schedule for his visit with no changes."

The Pope is expected to continue his tour as per usual, and even continued to bless visitors after the incident.

You can watch the incident here:

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