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Pope Gave An Impassioned Plea To Cops Everywhere

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Meeting up with traffic police in Italy this past week, Pope Francis commented that "Mercy is not a sign of weakness, nor does it require giving up the use of force." He elaborated on this point, saying that the police should seek to understand why people are committing the offenses that they are, in an effort to better understand their community and the issues they're facing.


However, that's not to say that he discouraged police action in the face of increased aggressive driving. In fact, he said a lifestyle of "haste and a competitiveness" has led to people viewing other drivers "as obstacles or adversaries to be overtaken, transforming the streets into Formula One tracks."

The Pope also decried people using their cell phones while driving, stating that "We must take into account the limited sense of responsibility of many drivers, who often do not seem to realise the serious consequences of their distraction."

What do you think? Should police be showing mercy to reckless drivers?

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