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These Are The Most Popular Baby Names In Every State


Choosing a name for your child is one of the most important decisions you'll make when you have a baby.

Whatever moniker you pick will be one that your kid will have to live with for the rest of their lives (unless they decide to change it, of course), so most parents will put in a lot of effort to make sure they're making the right choice.

Moms and dads often look to their family members, books, TV shows, films, and even nature for inspiration.

However, even with the rise in popularity of modern baby names (looking at you Kardashians), it seems like parents across the country still like to stick to the classics.

Names like Noah, Emma, William, and Olivia are still ranked at the top in the country, according to Social Security Online. Although there are a few surprises, it seems like parents in most states like to play it safe when naming their children.

If you're curious about the top baby names in your state, here they are:

1. Alabama: William and Ava

2. Alaska: Liam and Emma

3. Arizona: Noah and Sophia

4. Arkansas: Mason and Emma

5. California: Noah and Sophia

6. Colorado: Liam and Olivia

7. Connecticut: Mason and Olivia

8. Delaware: Liam and Sophia

9. D.C.: Alexander and Elizabeth

10. Florida: Noah and Isabella

11. Georgia: William and Olivia

12. Hawaii: Noah and Emma

13. Idaho: Liam and Emma

14. Illinois: Noah and Olivia

15. Indiana: Liam and Emma

16. Iowa: Liam and Emma

17. Kansas: William and Olivia

18. Kentucky: William and Emma

19. Louisiana: Mason and Emma

20. Maine: Liam and Emma

21. Maryland: Noah and Olivia

22. Massachusetts: Benjamin and Emma

23. Michigan: Liam and Olivia

24. Minnesota: Henry and Olivia

25. Mississippi: William and Ava

26. Missouri: Liam and Emma

27. Montana: William and Emma

28. Nebraska: Liam and Olivia

29. Nevada: Noah and Emma

30. New Hampshire: Jacob and Olivia

31. New Jersey: Michael and Sophia

32. New Mexico: Noah and Mia

33. New York: Jacob and Sophia

34. North Carolina: William and Ava

35. North Dakota: Liam and Harper

36. Ohio: Liam and Emma

37. Oklahoma: William and Emma

38. Oregon: Liam and Emma

39. Pennsylvania: Mason and Emma

40. Rhode Island: Mason and Olivia

41. South Carolina: William and Emma

42. South Dakota: Liam and Harper

43. Tennessee: William and Emma

44. Texas: Noah and Emma

45. Utah: William and Olivia

46. Vermont: Liam and Emma

47. Virginia: William and Emma

48. Washington: Liam and Olivia

49. West Virginia: Mason and Sophia

50. Wisconsin: Mason and Olivia

51. Wyoming: Jackson and Olivia

[H/T: Social Security Administration]

Do you see your child's name on the list?

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