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Popular New Zealand Store "The Warehouse" Makes Big Announcement About Breastfeeding

When a baby is hungry, they don't want to wait until they get home to eat. They need food and they need it right away. When a mother is out with her baby in a busy store, what is she supposed to do?

For breast feeding mothers this has been a controversial problem because they are constantly told to stop doing what needs to be done. Often times women are told not to breast feed in public but one company has finally decided that enough is enough.

The Warehouse, a big store in New Zealand that is similar to Target or Walmart has posted signs on all their stores to try to make women who are breastfeeding feel more comfortable.

It reads "Breastfeeding-friendly - Please feel free to breastfeed your baby anywhere in our store. If you would like somewhere more private, please visit our store fitting rooms."

This is quite the development because many stores (including Target) have been in the news for asking women to stop feeding their child. This actually led to a "Nurse-In" protest where moms would sit in Target stores to try to raise awareness.

Technically under the Human Rights Act all women have the right to breastfeed in public. But because of social pressures, a lot of women struggle to find somewhere that won't give them a hard time.

Debra Fenton, chair of The New Zealand Breastfeeding Alliance has applauded the move saying that "this is a big step towards normalizing breastfeeding in New Zealand...we applaud The Warehouse for supporting nursing mothers and treating them with respect."

What do you think about this announcement? Should more stores follow and announce their dedication to making mothers feel comfortable?

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