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"Possessed Doll" Strikes Again, After Reportedly Attacking New Owner

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This is the type of thing out of a paranormal horror flick that will make you have trouble sleeping soundly at night.

While this doll may look like it belongs in a child's bedroom with a smiling face and beautiful dress, there is something more than meets the eye.

A doll sold on eBay for $1,100 has been attacking its new owner while he is sleeping.

This is not a joke, either.

It's not the first time the doll that has been accused of causing harm to it's owner.

The doll hit headlines a few weeks ago because of its violent outbursts. Former owner, Debbie Merrick, said the doll begun attacking her husband by scratching him while he was sleeping. It has also been accused of removing jewelry and setting off fire alarms. That's when Debbie decided to sell the "possessed" doll on eBay- and for some reason, someone actually bought it.

"I was so glad when the doll went, to be honest," Debbie said.

Flickering lights as also a common occurrence near the doll.

"We had that in the hotel the night before we went on This Morning above our table while we were eating downstairs, and then in our room later as it was weird - they were flickering like crazy, only in the bit of the room the doll was in," Debbie said.

Research has suggested that the doll was originally from the United States and was given to newly married couples between 1890 and 1920.

This doll was believed to have come from a home in Arizona where there were 1,000 other dolls and the woman living there was believed to have been shot by her husband.

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