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The Secret Behind Releasing The Power Of Your Dominant Chakra

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Last year, I went to visit a fortune teller just for fun. I thought it would be an interesting experience to learn about the power of the human energy system or aura. I didn't know if all that stuff was actually real, but I wanted to be open-minded about the experience.

The lady wasn't dressed in strange garbs, but she definitely had a "sixth sense." First she told me about my past, (everything she said was eerily accurate). Then she envisioned my future. Once I left her rustic apartment, I wanted to learn everything I could about how our zodiac signs and our dominant chakras affect our lives.

The more in tune we are to how these chakras work, and which one plays a more dominant role in our lives, we can achieve many of our desires. The key here is to read each of the 7 chakras and see which one resonates with you the most.

Once you found your dominant chakra, read it again and play close attention to its secret. You may even find that you have more than one dominant chakra!

Crown Chakra

The seventh sacred chakra lies at the top of your head. The crown chakra usually exudes a brilliant violet, which symbolizes royalty; however, its aura can be seen as gold or white.

The crown is deeply connected spiritually, and is always seeking to fulfill a divine purpose. Those who are in tune with their crown chakra usually feel a powerful sense of bliss.

The trick to know that your dominant chakra is the crown is quite easy. When you're in difficult situations, do you find that you think with your head rather than your heart? This is the first sign that your crown chakra is a dominant force in your life.

Those days that you don't feel like yourself, do you find that you feel disconnected from humanity and, often times, spiritually? Align everything with your life purpose, and you'll never regret a thing.

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