The Secret Behind Releasing The Power Of Your Dominant Chakra

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The Secret Behind Releasing The Power Of Your Dominant Chakra


Last year, I went to visit a fortune teller just for fun. I thought it would be an interesting experience to learn about the power of the human energy system, or aura.

I didn't know if all that stuff was actually real, but I wanted to be open-minded about the experience.

The lady wasn't dressed in strange clothes, but she definitely had a "sixth sense."

Crystal ball
Ron Bodoh - Wikimedia

First, she told me about my past, (everything she said was eerily accurate). Then, she envisioned my future.

Once I left her rustic apartment, I wanted to learn everything I could about how our zodiac signs and our dominant chakras affect our lives.

The more in tune we are to how these chakras work, and which one plays a more dominant role in our lives, we can achieve many of our desires.


The key here is to read each of the 7 chakras and see which one resonates with you the most.

Once you found your dominant chakra, read it again and play close attention to its secret. You may even find that you have more than one dominant chakra!

Crown Chakra

The seventh sacred chakra lies at the top of your head. The crown chakra usually exudes a brilliant violet, which symbolizes royalty; however, its aura can be seen as gold or white.

The crown is deeply connected spiritually, and is always seeking to fulfill a divine purpose. Those who are in tune with their crown chakra usually feel a powerful sense of bliss.

The trick to know if your dominant chakra is the crown is quite easy: when you're in difficult situations, do you find that you think with your head, rather than your heart? This is the first sign that your crown chakra is a dominant force in your life.

Those days that you don't feel like yourself, do you find that you feel disconnected from humanity and, often times, spiritually? Align everything with your life purpose, and you'll never regret a thing.

Third Eye Chakra

The third eye chakra is located at the center of your forehead, almost at the same level of your eyebrows. This chakra is dominant in those who exude an aura that's a dark blue color. The third eye chakra is famous for its ability to question everything.

You don't take anything at face value, rather you use your intuition and wisdom to make a decision. If this is your dominant chakra, you can only live to the fullest if you follow that intuition. Those who are creative usually have a very dominant third eye chakra.

If you always feel like you're stuck in a rat race, that's because your third eye chakra is dormant.

Don't focus on small details and try to see the bigger picture. Once you step back and start to think more positively, your third eye will guide you in ways that your two regular eyes cannot.

Throat Chakra

The throat chakra is located within the throat itself. Unsurprisingly, it's the vehicle of communication. Those who possess this chakra usually have a strong blueish-green aura. People who can easily connect with others usually have a good grasp of their throat chakra.

What many people misunderstand about the throat chakra is that only extroverts can unleash its powers. The point here is that you have a knack for connecting people, whether it be verbal or non-verbal.

If you rely heavily on community, focus your energy on building a strong foundation between your friends, family, and co-workers. People who have a dominant throat chakra, but don't know how to unleash its powers, always tell lies.

They're using their powerful communication skills to do more harm than good. Don't be that person anymore!

Heart Chakra

This chakra, located at the center of your heart, is quite special. Green symbolizes growth, harmony, and compassion, which is why the heart chakra exudes such a beautiful green aura. Some believe the heart chakra is the "house of the soul," while others think those who have a powerful heart chakra are the "masters of love."

Both are correct, but only if the person is aware of their heart chakra. If you have the ability to love and trust people easily, your heart chakra is at work. Being able to see beauty in everything is a powerful trait that's very admired in today's world.

Those who are not in tune with their heart chakra are suffering from jealousy or codependency. You have a hard time forgiving people, and constantly see yourself as the victim of any situation that's gone wrong.

If your stomach tends to feel like a rock, or you have a tingly feeling in your chest, this is a sign that your dominant chakra is out of balance. Take it easy and relearn to see the beauty of the world, like you once did.

Solar Plexus Chakra

The solar plexus chakra exudes a stunning glow like the color of the sun. It's located above your navel and governs your emotional and intellectual life. Those who have this as their dominant chakra have the best of both worlds.

They're able to navigate their life according to their feelings and wits. In other words, they're realistic, and that's probably how they like it. The solar plexus chakra allows people to feel confident and assertive.

That being said, those who feel like life is not going the way they expected have an imbalanced solar plexus chakra. The key to unleash its power is to stop being selfish or manipulative.

What people forget is that our dreams cannot be reached by only using our head or emotions, both need to work together.

Sacral Chakra

The sacral chakra, which releases a strong orange glow, is located right at your navel. It's highly governed by pleasurable emotions, and can easily find itself imbalanced if that pleasure turns into obsessive behavior.

To harness the power of the sacral chakra, one must be able to "feel" the world around them. However, do not attach yourself to things that are destructive, no matter how much pleasure they might give.

The best way to know that your sacral chakra is off balance is to see if you're obsessed with any one of the seven deadly sins.

Root Chakra

The base or root chakra is located at the base of your spine and is famous for its red glow. This chakra has to do with your foundation and how in tune you are with your sense of "self."

Basically, are you street smart or book smart? If you're more of the former, then you have a strong root chakra.

People who become obsessed with material possessions and feel very insecure tend to have an imbalanced root chakra. If your life is governed by fear, try to think of the one thing in your life that is most important to you.

Keep that one thing in mind every day, until you balance your root chakra and are finally able to live to the best of your ability.

What's your dominant chakra?

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