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Adorable Pregnancy Announcement Proves That Making A Baby Can Be An Emotional Roller Coaster

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Making the decision to grow your family is a big deal. For some people it happens really quickly, for others it's a lot more time consuming and the waiting game can really strain both your emotions and relationship.

For Catherine and Austin Ace, they had been trying to give their daughter, Elle, a sibling for nearly a year.

Admitting that she has taken a pregnancy test every month without a successful result, Catherine sat in her car in a CVS parking lot after buying another couple of boxes of pregnancy tests.

"So  you're probably wondering why I'm crying right now and the reason is that this is the first time I've actually felt really pregnant," she reveals.


This was the third time she tried filming a video like this and each time the results came up "not pregnant" and she never uploaded the video to their channel.

Hiding the failed tests from her husband, Austin, became a regular thing in their house, because she didn't want him to know she was taking them as often as she was and she was worried about what it would do to their relationship.

This is a common feeling when you're trying to conceive and having a hard time. A lot of the time there's not explanation as to why you're not getting pregnant, so it can be a frustrating experience for everyone involved. A million things rush to your head and doubt seeps into every possible thought you have about having a baby.

As someone who waited 18 months to see her first positive pregnancy result, I know this all too well. I also know the feelings that Catherine experienced next in her bathroom.


Waiting those three minutes for the test to complete are the longest of your life. You know one way or another emotions will be taking hold, you just don't know which way the door swings.

When you finally get that positive result, it's overwhelming. You have to pull yourself together long enough to share the happy news with the rest of your family.

If you've gone through the experience of having to wait for a positive pregnancy test, you already know how you want to share the news with your loved ones.

For me, the first time was with a game of Scrabble. Catherine, had something different in mind, and she has put every Pinterest pregnancy reveal to shame.

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