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25 Hilariously Pregnant Animals Every Mom Can Relate To

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We know this is the last thing a woman who has given birth wants to hear, but it could have been worse.

Take elephants for example: an expecting pachyderm mom will carry her baby for an average of 95 weeks - the longest pregnancy of any mammal.

But some critters don't have it so bad. A possum mother spends just 12 days in pregnancy before giving birth (that's the shortest gestation period for a mammal).

No matter what species you are, motherhood is never easy, and these hilarious photos prove it.

1. This zebra is not so hard to spot

2. She's ready to deliver - any time now

Louise Bleakly

3. Sloths don't need an excuse to lay around all day, but she has a good one

4. A pregnant elephant - can you tell?

Her calf will probably be three feet tall and over 200 pounds at birth!

5. Be honest, who's jealous of her maternity photos?

6. A gorilla's gestation period is just shorter than a human's, but their newborns weigh only four or five pounds on average

7. Ferret moms welcome six to eight kits in each litter - as you can plainly see

8. "Okay, head down... perfect, now hold for the camera..."

9. Talk about love handles

10. She's literally ready to pop

11. "What're you staring at?"

12. Lionesses sneak away from their pride for months to raise their babies away from hungry males

13. When it comes to seahorses, the males actually carry the babies in a special pouch, so these are proud papas

14. Even rounder and rollier than usual - as if that's possible


15. "Okay, you can rub my belly just this once."

16. Dolphins are mammals, they give birth to live young after a pregnancy that lasts 12 months

17. April the giraffe is seen here with her son, Tajiri, whose birth was watched by more than a million viewers online

18. Donkeys are known for carrying things, but her baby looks pretty heavy

19. Is that a baby bump, or has someone been snacking on acorns?

20. Need a nap? I can't blame you

21. This little piggy went wee wee wee right to the maternity ward

22. A mini horse with a not-so-mini baby bump

23. All the weight went straight to her hips

24. No points for guessing why she's so grumpy

25. "Get me some ice cream with hot chili sauce. NOW."

Which of these adorable pregnant animals made you laugh the most?

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