Little Boy Asks Pregnant Mom To Delay Labor Because "We Need You"

Kids say the darnedest things and it's adorable when they can turn a basic situation into a heartwarming moment with their childlike innocence.

When a 4-year-old went to visit his mother in the hospital, he tried his hardest to persuade her to come home with him. But she was there for a very important reason, she was getting ready to give birth to his new baby sister!

Glow Wilson was three days into her hospital stay, waiting to give birth to her sixth child, when her 4-year-old son, Bryce, came for a visit.


The 35-year-old mom from North Hills, California was so excited about his visit, she decided to start recording him.

“It felt so wonderful hearing what he was saying, I felt I just had to record it,” Wilson said. “The things he was saying were so special, and it really showed me he understood what needing me meant.”

While Bryce has always been affectionate towards his mom, he was uncommon for him to bring her flowers and express himself the way he did.

“We need you. We need our mama. We need you to stay alive and we don’t want nothing to happen to you,” Bryce tells his mom in the Instagram video.

That's when his mom tried to remind the youngster why she was in the hospital.

“That’s why I’m in the hospital, so they can take out your sister, and I can come home after they take her out,” Wilson says.

Bryce even tried to tell his mom that doctors could deliver his sister tomorrow. That's when his mom had to break the new to him that the doctors weren't planning to take the baby out until days later.

Trying to reassure her 4-year-old that he has his father and siblings at home, it doesn't work on the stubborn youngster.

“I don’t need no brothers, I don’t need no dad. I just need you!” he says without hesitation.

Seeing her son plead with her realized how much her being away from her children, even for a short period of time, affected them.

“I cried while I was recording it, but I tried to stay as strong as possible because I wanted to convince him I was going to be okay,” Wilson says. “At the same time, I was really scared to see that it was touching him like that. Thinking about it right now makes me want to cry.”

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Bryce luckily didn't have to wait long until his mom came home. Wilson gave birth to her baby girl, Dream, by C-section just a day later.

After coming home, it seems like Bryce has taken to his role of big brother well.

“Bryce really has an awesome personality,” Wilson says. “He is always affectionate, and hopefully everyone can get to see him for who he is all the time.”

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