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Premature Baby Hippo Rescued By Zoo Caretakers Gets Her Own Adorable Music Video

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Cincinnati Zoo

When Fiona was born, she came into this world six weeks premature. She required around-the-clock intensive care at the Cincinnati Zoo.

Zoo vets and animal care staff took responsibility of feeding and cuddling the underweight baby. Her mother, Bibi, patiently stood still for ultrasounds and allowed milk to be collected for her newborn baby.

Vets added mama's milk to a fluid that was tube-fed to the baby. The tiny hippo struggled to eat and gain weight.

So vets had to give her constant tube-feedings while keeping her warm and moist.

When she began to gain weight, she grew in strength and could soon stand for a few seconds at a time. It took her several weeks, but eventually she got the hang of drinking from a bottle and 'swimming' in the water with her special pool noodles!

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