'Price Is Right' Catches Contestant At The Wrong Time In Hilarious Blooper

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'Price Is Right' Catches Contestant At The Wrong Time In Hilarious Blooper

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When you've gotta go, you've gotta go. And that rule holds up whether we're talking about a bathroom break, or being called to Bidder's Row on The Price is Right.

A contestant on the long-running game show learned that the hard way when she was caught in both situations on Tuesday.

Tara Armstrong was told to "come on down," and when she didn't rush to the stage the audience was puzzled. Then, announcer George Gray revealed she was in the bathroom.

Thankfully, Armstrong ran out before she missed the big moment, and judging by all the high-fiving she did Armstrong even had time to wash her hands.

Host Drew Carey was tickled pink by the blooper, telling Armstrong he "thought you'd never get here, so glad you could make it." When Armstrong won the bidding and made it on stage, he even jokingly refused to shake her hand.

Surprisingly, it's not the first time a contestant was caught with their pants down on the game show. Daniel Jimenez was also in the bathroom when he was called way back in 2000, when Bob Barker was still hosting the show.

And another unlucky woman, Patricia Bernard, was in the loo when she was called on stage in 1976.

"This had to happen, did it not?" Barker joked about the mishap.

"Patricia is in the little girls room! A man I assume is her husband is out to look for her, and everyone in America is asking 'how long can they wait for Patricia?!'"

Three people caught on the potty in more than 40 years makes this blooper extremely rare, but we're still hoping it doesn't happen to us, if we're lucky enough to be on the show.

It's not the first time in Carey's 10-year tenure as the show's host that things have gone wrong. Carey fell down while busting a move with a contestant in 2011:

And he was knocked off his feet by a clumsy contestant last year.

Thankfully, Carey wasn't seriously hurt during either mishap.

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Thank goodness Armstrong made it out in time!

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