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'Price Is Right' Contestant Makes History During Plinko Round

If you were on Price is Right, what game would you want to play?

Some people might say Higher or Lower, some people might say the mountain climber game...but most of us would say Plinko.

It might be the most luck-based game on the show, but it's also the most iconic. A chance to play Plinko is a chance to live your childhood dream.

Ryan Belz got to do just that. The 23-year-old Penn State graduate, who's been a fan of the show since he was a kid, was called to the stage by Drew Carey and was already pretty excited. Things got even more wild when he was told he'd have a shot at Plinko.

Belz starts to freak out, but pretty much nothing could prepare him for what happened next.

You have to check out this clip of Ryan Belz setting a Plinko RECORD. You can't help but smile for the guy!

Belz says he plans to use all his winnings to pay off his student loans, which is both amazing and slightly upsetting that he's $30,000 in debt at just 23 years old because of his education.

"The experience was an absolute dream come true," Belz said. "I am one of (if not the biggest) fan of The Price is Right!" Belz was on spring break in southern California with his friend Zach and told him "there's only one thing I request we do... GO TO A TAPING OF THE PRICE IS RIGHT!"

Onward State

"My day, my week, my month, my year, and my life have been made!" Belz stated. "It is literally a dream come true! Words cannot express how excited I was and honestly still am! I still can't believe what happened!"

Congratulations to Ryan Belz on living out a dream! Not many people get to say they did.

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