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Prince George and Princess Charlotte Won't Be Getting All Their Presents At Christmas

Chris Jackson

When December 24th rolls around this year, there's no doubt Prince George and Princess Charlotte will take part in royal tradition, and exuberantly open their presents from under the Christmas tree.

However, unlike most children, four-year-old George and two-year-old Charlotte will not be receiving all of the gifts meant for them.

The pair are expected to receive hundreds of presents from the public, and their parents, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are doing their best to ensure George and Charlotte won't be overly indulged.

In fact, it's their worst nightmare.

Every year the young royals are given countless presents from their well-intended fans, but it's rare they keep all of them.

"Receiving that many gifts wouldn’t have a good effect on the kids," A source close to Kate Middleton told Us Weekly. "It's their worst nightmare."

Most of the presents are usually donated to charity or children's hospitals, while only a selection are taken to their home at Kensington Palace.

However, George and Charlotte are still expected to receive the top toys on their wishlist.

In November, Prince William Prince William was visiting Helsinki, Finland, and presented Santa with George's Christmas list.

Despite the note having space for five gifts, George only filled out one spot, for a toy police car. At the top, the eventual heir to the throne had circled he'd been "nice" this year.

"He hasn’t written down many requests, so I think one is probably OK," William reportedly said, adding his son has "been a good boy."

The source also told Us Weekly while the the royal couple appreciate the presents, they want to teach their children the true meaning of Christmas.

"I think William and Kate love Christmas just as much as George and Charlotte. For them, it’s about coming together and enjoying the holiday," the source said.

Do you think William and Kate are making the right decision to donate the majority of George and Charlotte's gifts?

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